a crazed Norman soldier
This blog is a simple labour of love. The love one feels towards the heroes of our youth, the stories and legends which once upon a time populated a child's dreams. I don't pretend to be an expert on Arthurian lore or the legends of Robin Hood. I haven't studied Medieval History or Ancient Literature (I'm a Biologist in fact!). I've just been obsessed fascinated by these stories since childhood! I always dreamt of learning archery and fencing just to feel closer to these worlds. I can spend hours wandering around a Medieval castle, not satisfied until I've searched every single nook and cranny. How many times have I imagined myself in Camelot? In Sherwood Forest? More than I can count! They influenced me in so many ways, I couldn't begin to explain... And I'm not going to try to! I'm just going to enjoy the diversity with which my favourite "heroes" have been brought to life on page or on screen. Old classics, modern reinterpretations, cameos in someone else's story... I wanted a place to collect these stories, and this is it!

I'm centring this blog on King Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood... but that doesn't mean there won't be guest appearances by other characters. In fact if anyone would like to participate with a post or two about their favourite fictional/legendary/historic character and his or her various representations on page or screen... feel free to just say so and join in the fun! :o)

Posting will be irregular, only when I read or watch something related to the subject. So at times there will be a rapid succession of posts, then perhaps silence for weeks... I'm not going to go all-out obsessive with the topic, I do have a life (which includes many other books and TV series and movies since I'm a bookworm and cinephile)! And two other blogs in which I talk about that life... :p

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