Aug 29, 2015

The Outlaw Chronicles by Angus Donald

The Outlaw Chronicles is a series of historical fiction novels (and a few e-novellas) in which author Angus Donald shares his version of Robin Hood. They bring to life a Robin somewhat different from the traditional "noble thief" figure. This is a violent and ruthless man (think mafia don), who lived in violent times. Seen through the memory of one of Robin's most trusted lieutenants, Alan Dale (framed as if were writing his memoirs in his old age), we travel through England, the Holy Land (on Crusade), Germany (searching for a captive King Richard), Normandy (fighting the French) and more.

This is the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the battles between English and French kings over Plantagenet lands in France, sibling rivalries which threaten to topple a monarch, baronial rebellions against tyrannical kings. A very violent period of history, and very vividly brought to life in these tales.