Jan 23, 2013

SG-1: Camelot

Season 9 finale! Which of course will end on a cliffhanger... *sigh* :p

Walter Bishop Meurig
So while the rest of their allies (Tokra, Jaffa, Asgard) are searching for the new "supergate" the Ori will use to invade our galazy, SG-1 heads to the planet whose coordinates they discovered via the phase-shifting device in Arthur's Mantle. They're hoping to discover the anti-Ori weapon Merlin had created. They arrive in a small medieval town and are greeted by Meurig (John Noble!!!), the local Governor, who welcomes them "to Camelot (!). Past and future home of Arthur and his knights." :o)

The town is awaiting the return of Arthur and his knights who set off on a quest to find the Sangraal (a.k.a. Holy Grail). They believe that he will return once someone succeeds in pulling the sword from the stone... because yes! There is a sword in a stone in the centre of Camelot!!! :o)

"Only he who is pure of heart and true of spirit can pull the sword from the stone."

Jan 22, 2013

SG-1: Crusade

Season 9, episode 19. An episode which is pretty much all preparation for the Season finale.

We finally get to see Vala again (she was presumed dead after having been caught in the explosion that destroyed the Ori's supergate in episode 6 - Beachhead), but she's in Daniel's body! It's those crazy communication stones again!

Vala (in Daniel's body) sneaks up on Cam in the men's locker room!

The others see Daniel, we see a very pregnant Vala who's been living in a village in the Ori galaxy all this time. She was taken in by one of the villagers, Tomin, and married him when she discovered she was somehow pregnant! Something impossible she says as she "didn't do any of the necessary bits". She asks the others (Sam, Cameron, Teal'c, General Landry) if they've ever heard of anything like this before, and from the meaningful looks we fully expect some to reference the Virgin Mary. But Teal'c jumps out with Darth Vader (big laughs!) and then Cameron counters with King Arthur!!! Apparently he's been reading up on Arthurian Legend and studying all those books they found under Glastonbury Tor.

In the end the connection is severed, Vala is back with the Ori supporters (barely convincing her husband not to kill her after he kills the two "rebels" she was with), and our Galaxy is preparing for the massive Ori invasion fleet she warned them about. Sam, Cam and Daniel convince General Landry that the best thing for them to do is to go searching for the mysterious weapon developed by Merlin to kill ascended beings. But that will be for the next episode, and post! ;o)

Elements from Arthurian Legend:

  • Just the one reference to Arthur's mysterious conception, which according to Legend was brought about by Merlin having "enchanted" the Queen, Arthur's mother. Our stories tell us she was enchanted to believe she was laying with her husband the Duke of Cornwall, when in reality it was Uther Pendragon. Here Cam implies Merlin's influence for an "immaculate" conception...

Jan 21, 2013

SG-1: Arthur's Mantle

Season 9, episode 18 starts out with Colonel Samanth Carter working in her lab on an Ancient device found in Glastonbury when Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and Col. Cameron Mitchell discovered the truth about the mythical Avalon in the season première. As she tries to calibrate something a bright light shines out and she and Cam disappear from our screens. And so another crazy Stargate adventure begins! :o)
Sam out of phase!

It turns out that the device has shifted Sam and Cam into another dimension (apparently there are 11 of them according to string theory, don't ask!), slightly out of phase with ours. This means they can see and hear everything, but can't touch anything or communicate with anyone as no one can see them! 

Cameron: "That was an alternate reality, this is an alternate dimension. Hell, all I need is a good time travel adventure and I've scored the SG-1 trifecta!"

Jan 20, 2013

Robin Hood at the Unemployment Office...

Just saw this on Facebook (page Les Indignés), dunno the actual origin point to give proper source but really wanted to share it so here goes!

"I'm sorry Mister Hood but nowadays nobody takes money from the rich to give to the poor. But I can find you a training course to do exactly the opposite..."

Jan 19, 2013

Blogging plans

Just a couple more Arthurian posts and then I'm moving on to Robin Hood for a while! I got a new book a couple of months ago and I've been waiting impatiently to read it! But first I have to re-read the previous volumes in the series... So just need to wrap up Season 9 of Stargate SG-1 (on pause since Merlin and the rest of the regular TV season started) and do one post on a Once Upon a Time episode featuring Sir Lancelot! Then it's on to our favourite hooded bandit.

If anyone happening upon this blog would like to write a guest post about one of these characters, or about your own favourite fictional character who has been portrayed in various media, you'd be very welcome! Just mention it in the comments...

Jan 13, 2013

Merlin 512-513: The Diamond of the Day, series finale

Why oh why did they have to air the end of the series during the holidays?! Don't they know we're über-busy at that time of the year and can't properly enjoy the show or have time to write about it after?! *sigh* Fortunately I took notes while watching, and am just going to combine both episodes together in this one post.

In brief: this is THE END. If you know anything about Arthurian Legend then you know exactly what that means. The epic Battle of Camlann. Morgana and Mordred and their Saxon army against Arthur and his knights. With Morgana finally knowing that Merlin a.k.a. Emrys is the real threat, and so she first takes drastic measures against him. Be prepared, things get very bloody. There will be lots of significant deaths and you will cry!

Be warned: major spoilers from here on down! Read only once you've seen the episodes. Then share your thoughts at the end please!

Let's do this in parts: