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Books, magazines, comics... anything in print (or e-books) featuring elements from the Arthurian Legends.

my starting point...
In the case of trilogies or series the link will take you to the post introducing the series with a general impression (did I like it?) of the series as a whole. Clicking on the title of the individual books will give you more details on each one, including a summary (risk of spoilers!) and discussing the elements from Arthurian Legend which are present. If you've read it please share your opinion in the comments!

Tending towards the Historical...
  • Bernard Cornwell's The Warlord Chronicles: The Winter King; Enemy of God; Excalibur. A thrilling take on the legend, placing it in a historically accurate context. The twist: Arthur is Uther's bastard and his nephew Mordred is the legitimate king!
  • Rosemary Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset (1963). A search for a historically accurate Arthur,: Artos is Uther's bastard son and nephew to the High King Ambrosius, who mounts a strong fighting force of mounted Companions and fights the invading Saxons throughout Britain. 
Leaning towards Fantasy...
  • Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising sequence: Over Sea, Under Stone; The Dark Is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King; Silver on the Tree which tell of the ages-old epic battle between "Light" and "Dark" in which Merlin is a key figure (but under another guise), and Arthur just has a cameo (at the time of these tales), but the stories are laden with references to Arthurian lore, and there's quite an interesting twist to one character's origins! 

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