Oct 28, 2012

Merlin 504: Another's Sorrow

Morgana convinces Odin to attack Nemeth, an allied kingdom of Camelot's, capturing its king and the princess Mithian (to whom Arthur was briefly engaged in season 4).  She then coerces Mithian into "escaping" to Camelot for help and leading Arthur into a trap (to "rescue" her father) so Odin (who hates Arthur for having killed his son, but the sentiment is mutual since Odin is responsible for Uther's death). For a moment I thought Gwaine would finally be clued in to Merlin's secret, but no such luck. Poor Merlin needs more friends in the know! And how on earth has Morgana not figured it out yet?! Perhaps she will once she is strong enough to match him (something he mentions to Gaius at the end that has him worried)? It's hard to compare their magic because we always get to see a lot more of hers than his!

After last week's magnificent episode (Merlin confronting Uther's ghost!), this episode didn't inspire me too much, until Merlin stopped Arthur from killing Odin (in battle, not murder!) by telling him:
"Think about what you're doing. What good will this achieve? How many times have you talked about uniting this land? Will killing this man make that dream any closer?"
Merlin gives Arthur some good advice.

Yay! First mention (that I can remember) in this series of Arthur's dream to unite the kingdoms of Britain! So, is "High King" Arthur a possible future? ;o)

For a more detailed (and hopefully more inspired) review than mine, head on over to Billie Doux.

Elements from Arthurian Legend:

Not much this time other than the usual (Camelot, the Knights etc.), except for the possibility of a unified Britain and a High King Arthur.
Also, I seem to remember one of Morgan Le Fay's (here Morgana) magical abilities was that of altering her appearance, and here she did that by appearing to be "old".

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