Nov 23, 2012

Merlin 507: A Lesson In Veangeance

Aha! Finally an episode in which Angel Coulby (Gwen) has something to do! Plus it's always great fun seeing Emrys (i.e. "old" Merlin) again, speaking in riddles! :o)

And that's pretty much all the positive I have to say about this episode. *sigh* I was so uninspired that it's taken me a week to write about it! :o(

One thing this episode did get me thinking about, was the similarity between the change in Gwen after her stint in the Dark Tower with Morgana and the change in Morgana at the beginning of season 3 after she "escaped" from Morgause (basically when she stopped being one of the good guys and started hating everyone). It makes me think even more than I did last week when comparing them to Brody - Abu Nasir from Homeland that Morgana might have gone through something similar with Morgause... After all when she returned she had no real reason to hate everyone, and she didn't know yet about Uther being her father and rejecting her as a Pendragon...

Best friends again now that one of them has brainwashed the other!

But back to this episode and Angel Coulby's performance: her facial expressions were amazing! She really looked and acted different when behaving as a victim or a perpetrator. I did think it was both too soon for Merlin to realise something was so off in her, and also odd that when she tried to peg him as the traitor poisoning Arthur (oh yeah! this episode is about Morgana and Gwen trying to kill Arthur and choosing a fall guy, Merlin replaces their original fall guy after he almost gives Gwen up) none of his friends (I'm looking at you Gwaine!) challenged this. Except for Arthur when he was cured.

And that's all I have to say about that. For another take (yet quite similar albeit funnier) check out the post at Billie Doux.

Elements from Arthurian Legend:

The usual (Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, the Knights, Morgana). Huh. Just as I start this blog they stop dipping their hands for storylines from the traditional Arthurian Legends?! Drat! I definitely have to go back and start from the beginning of the series... :p

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