Jan 22, 2013

SG-1: Crusade

Season 9, episode 19. An episode which is pretty much all preparation for the Season finale.

We finally get to see Vala again (she was presumed dead after having been caught in the explosion that destroyed the Ori's supergate in episode 6 - Beachhead), but she's in Daniel's body! It's those crazy communication stones again!

Vala (in Daniel's body) sneaks up on Cam in the men's locker room!

The others see Daniel, we see a very pregnant Vala who's been living in a village in the Ori galaxy all this time. She was taken in by one of the villagers, Tomin, and married him when she discovered she was somehow pregnant! Something impossible she says as she "didn't do any of the necessary bits". She asks the others (Sam, Cameron, Teal'c, General Landry) if they've ever heard of anything like this before, and from the meaningful looks we fully expect some to reference the Virgin Mary. But Teal'c jumps out with Darth Vader (big laughs!) and then Cameron counters with King Arthur!!! Apparently he's been reading up on Arthurian Legend and studying all those books they found under Glastonbury Tor.

In the end the connection is severed, Vala is back with the Ori supporters (barely convincing her husband not to kill her after he kills the two "rebels" she was with), and our Galaxy is preparing for the massive Ori invasion fleet she warned them about. Sam, Cam and Daniel convince General Landry that the best thing for them to do is to go searching for the mysterious weapon developed by Merlin to kill ascended beings. But that will be for the next episode, and post! ;o)

Elements from Arthurian Legend:

  • Just the one reference to Arthur's mysterious conception, which according to Legend was brought about by Merlin having "enchanted" the Queen, Arthur's mother. Our stories tell us she was enchanted to believe she was laying with her husband the Duke of Cornwall, when in reality it was Uther Pendragon. Here Cam implies Merlin's influence for an "immaculate" conception...

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