Aug 29, 2015

The Outlaw Chronicles by Angus Donald

The Outlaw Chronicles is a series of historical fiction novels (and a few e-novellas) in which author Angus Donald shares his version of Robin Hood. They bring to life a Robin somewhat different from the traditional "noble thief" figure. This is a violent and ruthless man (think mafia don), who lived in violent times. Seen through the memory of one of Robin's most trusted lieutenants, Alan Dale (framed as if were writing his memoirs in his old age), we travel through England, the Holy Land (on Crusade), Germany (searching for a captive King Richard), Normandy (fighting the French) and more.

This is the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the battles between English and French kings over Plantagenet lands in France, sibling rivalries which threaten to topple a monarch, baronial rebellions against tyrannical kings. A very violent period of history, and very vividly brought to life in these tales.

I first read Outlaw back in 2009 when it came out. Devoured it would be a more accurate word. I then immediately passed it on to my dad who enjoyed it as much as I did. I jumped on Holy Warrior as soon as it came out, but then didn't continue with King's Man once i realized it would be a trilogy but a series, and that it would take some time between books. Decided to wait until the series was done (or almost) so I could read them in one go. And here we are! As I write this I have the first 6 in paperback waiting to be read, with the 3 e-book novellas on my reader. Hopefully by the time I finish the 7th will be out in paperback, and then it will be simply a matter of impatiently waiting like everyone else for the final book in the series to be published. ;o)

My posts will be both reviews of the books, and as usual for this blog, a look into what elements from them can be traced back to different versions of the original legends, and probably some historical references. So spoilers will be present!!! Although I'll avoid revealing any major story twists, I won't shy away from historical events. Here's an advance: King Richard dies and John becomes king!!! :p

The Outlaw Chronicles (in story - not publication - order):

  • The Rise of Robin Hood (e-book novella)
  • Outlaw
  • Holy Warrior
  • The Betrayal of Father Tuck (e-book novella)
  • The Hostility of Hanno (e-book novella)
  • King's Man
  • Warlord
  • Grail Knight
  • The Iron Castle
  • The King's Assassin
  • The Empty Throne (2016?)

This will be updated as posts about each book are written.

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