May 13, 2016

Deaths of King Arthur and Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time

It's funny how despite not sharing much screen time during this show, both Robin Hood and King Arthur managed to join the lists of the tragic dead in the same episode!

If you don't want to know how it happened... Stay away from the spoilers below! ;o)

Poor Arthur didn't get much of a chance to shine (we haven't seen him this past half season, ever since our true heroes went down in the Underworld and he got locked up in jail for his crimes, although I guess for them on the show it's only been a few days)... Just when he escapes and comes across this stranger he hopes is going to help him out of his handcuffs (how dangerous can a dude holding a baby be?), he gets a broken neck instead by a quick twist of a magical hand and straight down to "Underbrooke" (the Underworld) he goes! 

So much for that escape attempt...

Luckily for him our favorite pirate is down there to explain the rules of the Underworld and guide him on a path to a "better place" (or as Hook put it "you're gonna need a seriously good deed to make up for the bad ones" in order to avoid ending up in a worse place!). 

So off the duo go on a quest to find the answer to defeating Hades (pages he had ripped out from a story book).

Once their Quest has been successfully achieved, and having completed his unfinished business (helping Emma - in the land of the living - defeat Hades), the light beckons Hook to move on (not going to spoil for you exactly why he's dead and stuck in the Underworld, you'll have to watch the rest of the excellent season 5!). Arthur tells Hook:
"I have embarked on many a wrong-headed quest in my time, I'm just glad to finish one that was righteous."

But does Arthur choose to move on with Hook?
"Don't worry about me, I'll be all right. I was once prophecied to repair a broken kingdom. My mistake was to think that kingdom was Camelot. But now I think I understand. The kingdom I have to repair is here, the Underworld."

So perhaps this won't be our last glimpse of Arthur? Some future OUAT episode might land us in the Underworld again and let us see how it fares under his rule? Fingers crossed! Would be nice to see Arthur do things right for a change and redeem himself. Plus, I wonder how Guinevere will take it? Will she finally end up with Lancelot? ;o)

On to Robin! Up in Storybrooke, facing off with Hades to recuperate his baby daughter (who was left in Zelena's care to be sure she escaped the Underworld ok), he tells Regina:
"You're right, we do owe Zelena a chance. (...) If being with you has taught me anything it's that we all have the capability to change. Our future is not written by our past. Regina, you are my future."

Awwww!!! Should have seen the writing on the wall... that's a beautiful example of "final words" and a "last kiss". :o( True enough a short while later he takes a godly lightning bolt in the chest which was meant for Regina, and then simply "poofs" away leaving her (and us!) bereft, and his two children orphans.

"Robin died to protect me. That's what True Love is, sacrifice. It's giving up everything for the person you love."

He does get a funeral worthy of the Prince of Thieves, but oh so sad and poignant! ;o(
"Regina - He never even got to name his daughter.
Selena - There's only one name I can think of that is fitting. Robin."

Unless he returns in flashbacks, this is the last we'll ever see of Robin Hood on OUAT. 

For the fans of the show the real question is: Will Regina continue on her path to redemption? Or - having lost Robin's influence for good - will she revert to her Evil Queen persona? I guess we'll have to wait 'till next season to find out...

PS: Great interviews with Robin's portrayer Sean Maguire on his death:

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