Apr 22, 2015

Birth of Robin "Hood" on Once Upon A Time

"Heart of Gold", Episode 18 of Once Upon a Time's Season 4 is a Robin-centric episode that delves into his past and presents us with this series' version of how Robin of Locksley came to be known as Robin Hood, as well as the origin of his particular code of thievery, and a little wink at how it is he's such an amazing archer! 

Warning, spoilers aplenty below!

Flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest, once upon a time. Recently married Robin is a barkeep, Marian a waitress! Apparently this is their new life so as to not fall back into his previous life of thievery. Unfortunately the Sheriff of Nottingham makes an appearance claiming taxes are due and threatens to turn them out if they aren't paid in 2 days. 

Rumplestiltskin comes to him with a proposition:  go to Oz to steal from the Wizard a potion to heal wounded hearts. He goes, runs into Zelena (Wicked Witch running things there, also Regina's sister!) and just barely makes it out thanks to his archery smarts (and a magic bow). While there he also gets his hands on an bow that shoots arrows that never miss their mark... helping out the legend of how he's such a good marksman. Oh, and he meets Will Scarlet there for the first time. :o) 

To whom he gives the potion he stole (was supposed to steal 2 vials, one for each, but got interrupted by Zelena) to repair his broken heart (dead sister). Of course this doesn't solve his Sheriff problem... So back in the Enchanted Forest he faces off with him - with the help of a few Merry Men - when he comes for the taxes: he steals the tax gold and later distributes it to the poor!
"Thieving is in my blood. But how to be a thief with honor? (...) By stealing from those who have too much, and giving it to those who have too little."

Oh! And while he was in Oz he pinched a jewel called the "Six-leaf clover from Oz", which allows him to change his appearance. Just in case he ever runs into Rumple again so he won't recognize him and kill him (for not delivering the potion). Thus retroactively explaining how Robin's first appearance on this show - when stealing from Rumple! - was with another face (Tom Ellis = first actor to play the role in s2 ep19). Nice retcon UOAT! ;o)

Of course it's not all about the flashback... In present day NYC, after having left Storybrook Robin and Marian are settled into Neal's old apartment, oh and Robin is still being a hero.

Except Marian's not who she appears to be!!! When Rumple "killed" her, just before her body shattered, Zelena's life force "flew away" and traveled with Emma and Hook to the alternate past in the Enchanted Forest (season 3 finale) in which they found and rescued Marian, and in a moment of distraction she killed Marian and took her place. She plans to ruin Regina's "happy ending" by stealing Robin from her. She holds Robin's life in her hand, and Rumple holds that over Regina to get her to do whatever he needs.

But not in NYC, magic face-changing!
Happy Ever After in Sherwood?

More Fun Quotes:

Marian and Robin:
"You're the most famous hoodlum in all of Sherwood. Robin of Locksley will be a walking target
"Well I shall no longer be known as Robin of Locksley. This famous hoodlum, shall henceforth be known as Robin Hood."

His encounter with Will, and giving him the stolen potion (to help him mend his broken heart, sister died) made him realize that:
"When you steal for yourself that makes you a thief, but when you steal for someone else that makes you a hero."

Straight from Sherwood:

  • Robin and Marian married!
  • Robin's moniker and his particular code of thievery
  • Will Scarlet
  • Little John and the rest of the Merry Men
  • Sheriff of Nottingham

Blogging Note: Yes I know this is a long way from my previous OUaT posts! 2 whole seasons in fact... Robin Hood appears (sometimes very briefly, sometimes in a more key role) in so many season 3 and 4 episodes if I detailed them all this would be 100% a OUaT blog!!! So I'm waiting to summarize them all in one big post about his role and relationships in OUaT. Unless of course like this one there's a Robin-centric episode that makes such obvious references to the original legend of Sherwood! ;o)

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